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Noel told to sue driver
Oasis have been told by US police to sue the driver who crashed into their taxi as they say they cannot charge him.Eye-witnesses say the yellow cab was hit head-on by a Cadillac which had jumped the lights.But police insist the cabbie - who did not know he was ferrying a world-famous band - was at fault after studying the taxi's tyre marks.
They have advised the band to sue for loss of earnings, ticket and merchandise sales, expenses and medical bills.

Familiar to millions
Two nights 70,000 people each night, I bought the DVD recently I would recommend it to you as it is packed with special features and never before seen footage. It covers the build up to the gig and interviews with the band. Also there are multi camera angles on ciggarettes & alcohol
  Noel Gallagher says Robbie is 'biggest fake' he's met
Noel Gallagher says Robbie Williams is the biggest fake he's ever met.

Our Noel says that nothing would give him more pleasure than to "kick him down the stairs a couple of times."

And he says he felt like chucking up after watching the star's recent documentary Nobody Someday.

"I think Robbie is a very very misguided, easily led, stupid, foolish young individual, who'd definitely benefit from a slapping," he told Now magazine.

"I'd probably kick him down the stairs a couple of times, not that I'm a violent person. I think he needs to be held down by people in white coats and slapped around the face for half an hour. Robbie's the biggest fake ever and yet he thinks he's Elvis.

"Watching his film Nobody Someday, I felt like vomiting after about five minutes. Apart from that he's a nice guy."

New single
Stop crying your heart out is Oasis' second single taken from heathen chemistry. Other good songs from the album such as songbird, she is love and all in the mind can be expected to be released in the charts

Gallaghers 'could be new Osbournes'
Noel Gallagher has suggested that he might be prepared and able to allow fly-on-the-wall footage to be used for an Osbournes-style show.Gallagher said a long-established roadie with Oasis had been filming footage for seven years of the various scrapes and rucks the band have got themselves into. Noel told NME.com he might be prepared to let hidden cameras be installed in his house.Gallagher said: "The roadie's had a video camera since 1995, and he just films everything and he's got tons of stuff. Us getting pulled at customs and stuff like that."He told NME.com he saw parallels between British rock's most famous brothers and the Osbournes.


If you can't work out who this is you definately need shot

The band
Oasis during preparations for a gig