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Two of the members of Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher, bassist Andy Bell and keyboard player Jay Darlington were involved in a car collision in the states. The band were over touring at Indianapolis, when their Taxi was involved in a head on collision. Noel is reported to have sustained facial bruising and whiplash. The others are in a similar state, the group was forced to cancel 3 shows in the states. Noel and the others were advised to stay in for another 3 days for a full and complete recovery.
Live Forever
Live Forever the long awaited documentary film about the mid 90's music scene in Britain is currently available to see at selected cinemas in the UK. The documentary shows both Noel and Liam talking about their memories from that era. For die hard fans it has to be seen i will hopefully be going to see it as i would include myself in the 'die hard fans' category.
Band photo
Noel caught having a quick fag

Belfast gig success
Oasis' first gig in Northern Ireland for 7 years blew away all expectations. The gigs were held on the 29th and 30th of June. Demand for tickets was massive as tickets for the first night (29th June) sold out in 32 minutes. During the gig the band payed tribute to The Who's bassist, and also did a cover version of The Who's My Genration. Songs they played on the nights included live forever and supersonic. All their best stuff, Noel impressed the crowd with his stunning guitar solos. All in all it was a gig not to be missed especially if you love Oasis and live in Northern Ireland like me.
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Noel giving liam a fag
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